What We Do

Family Law Criminal Misdemeanor Law Client Fees & Income Eligibility Community Outreach Activities

Since 1991, Centro Legal has provided professional and compassionate legal assistance to thousands of Milwaukee low-income individuals and families facing a crisis. We help our clients navigate a sometimes complex and confusing legal system, especially during times of crisis. Our goal is to help resolve legal issues so that our clients can maintain stable homes, establish independence, remain employed or improve employability, in the face of significant obstacles. For our clients who suffer from domestic abuse or are in a period of transition, our programs empower them to achieve greater safety, stability and financial independence.

On an annual basis, Centro Legal serves over 2,000 people and handles approximately 600 cases to resolution. Our legal services and programs include the following:

  • Representation in Family Law Cases: Centro Legal provides full legal representation in family law matters, including child custody and placement, child support, divorce, and establishing restraining orders.
  • Representation in Criminal Misdemeanor Cases: Centro Legal represents individuals who do not qualify for public defender representation but cannot afford to hire private counsel.
  • Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Representation: The courts appoint Centro Legal to represent the best interests of children and minor parents in family and paternity cases.
  • Consultation Program: On a weekly basis, Cento Legal provides in-depth legal consultations and intake services at our offices and at partner agencies, such as domestic violence shelters.
  • Family Law Classes: Centro Legal teaches family law information classes at local non-profit agencies to inform participants about the family court process and help dispel common misconceptions.