Centro Legal offers flat-fee mediation services to couples going through divorce. Our attorney-mediators have significant experience working with families to resolve legal issues, including custody, placement, child support, and the divorce process as a whole, and they have been trained to mediate divorces as neutral lawyers working with a couple jointly throughout their divorce.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a way for you and your spouse to receive education and neutral guidance as you navigate your divorce journey in a collaborative and non-adversarial atmosphere. It helps you avoid spending hours in court and creating more conflict as you and your spouse establish a new family structure.

After engaging with Centro Legal to go through mediation, you and your spouse will have several meetings with the mediator to work toward a sustainable agreement for the terms of your divorce. You will remain in control of the decisions the two of you make together, while also receiving guidance from a neutral lawyer-mediator and other professionals. When you complete the process, you will have a divorce agreement that’s designed to work for you and your family for years to come.

Is mediation right for me and my spouse?

Mediation is a more collaborative, low-conflict alternative to the traditional litigation process, where parties go to court to have a judge resolve their issues or disputes. Mediation may be a good option for you if one or more of the following statements apply:

  • You and your spouse know you want a divorce and already have some agreements, or you believe you are likely to come to an agreement.
  • You and your spouse believe you are open to working together to find solutions.
  • You and your spouse are both willing and able to gather documents about your finances, including property, debts, and assets.
  • You and your spouse are willing to share information with each other.
  • You and your spouse are committed to working toward a full agreement with each other.

For more information, contact us at to set up a time for you and your spouse to speak with a lawyer-mediator.